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About Us
Qingdao Plus Import And Export was founded as one subsidiary and supporting company to our own factory. Now we have the chance to meet the foreign clients directly and export our manufactured martial arts sport products (BETTER-SPORT) including EVA mat, taekwondo, karate, boxing equipment (gloves, boxing ring, MMA cage), judo mat, yoga products, aiming to become your One-Stop Sports Supplier. We also have the ability to provide you with the best china products in different industries with our more experienced ....

Big promotion on the boxing ring, MM

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Boxing Ring & MMA Cage big sales

Promotion Sea for boxing ring & mma cagefrom 12 May to 20 May. Call us ... [more]

Taekwondo Head Guard Promotion

We manufactured the dipped foam head guard for dynamicsworld and our workers a... [more]

Recommended Products
Interlocking EVA Mat
Boxing Ring, Boxing Cage
Taekwondo Mat
MMA Cage, Fighting Cage
Dipped Foam Head Guard
Taekwondo Karate Head Guard, Headgear
Judo Mat
PVC Yoga Mat
Diamond Tatami Mat
WTF Approved Taekwondo Hand protector
EVA Foam Roller
Taekwondo Glove for Training
Wall Padding, Wall Padding Mat
WTF Taekwondo mat
EVA Karate mat
Karate Glove
Wood grain EVA Tatami Mat
EVA Yoga block
Taekwondo Foot protector
Grenade EVA Foam Roller
Compact Rumble Foam Roller
Interlocking Crossfit Rubber mat
Shin Instep Protector
Gym rubber mat
Resistance Band
Karate Uniform
ITF taekwondo Uniform
Judo Uniform, Judo Gi's
Boxing Stand Man-BOB
Taekwondo Key Chain
Kettle Bell